hail damage repair kyle tx

Hail Damaged Shutters

When Hail storms happen more then just your roof will need repairs

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Multiple Layers of Felt

This project had multiple layers of felt. This is a bad deal for a few reasons. The first is the heat load which was discussed in a previous photo. Second would be the inability to inspect the decking for rotten wood if all the felt is not removed . Anther major issue is is that most manufacturers warranties will be voided if there are multiple layers of felt.

roof repair kyle tx

An Apartment Roof Demo

Notice all the felt is being removed from the roof. One of the reasons we remove all the felt is to cut down on the heat load. Felt paper is an asphalt product so multiple layers of felt will cause a heavier heat load thus the attic will not cool off as fast when the sun goes down. It will also heat up faster when the sun comes up causing higher cooling bills.

roof repair kyle tx

Rotten Decking

One of the reasons we remove all the old felt as well as the old shingles is so we can inspect the deck for rotten wood as shown in this picture. Had we not removed all the felt it is unlikely an area close to the edge such as this would have been discovered.


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Synthetic Underlay

We use synthetic underlay as opposed to felt paper for a few reasons. This product is more durable then felt paper as it does not tear as easy. Anther benefit is it does not hold heat like felt thus reducing the heat load of the roof.

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Full Restoration Project

On this project we replaced the roof, gutters, garage doors, windows, and painted.

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Metal Roof

This is a project we replaced the garage door painted the entire house with trim and put a metal roof on in place of a shingle roof

roof replacement kyle tx

Taken Shortly After the Roof Was Replaced

This project is still under construction